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  • West bank ( Cemetery The Valley of the Queens )

    The Valley of the Queens is the burial place of the queens in ancient Egypt. It was formerly known as “ta-sit-nafro”, meaning: “the place of the sons of the pharaoh”

  • West Bank ( Habu Temple )

    The funerary temple, Medinet Habu Temple, or Ramses III Temple; one of the greatest temples of the Twenty Dynasty built by King Ramses III to establish his funerary rituals and

  • West Bank ( The statue of Memnon )

    The statue of Memnon, or the giant of Memnon, are two huge statues, established around the year 1350 BC which is all that remains of a temple in memory of

  • West Bank II(Cemetery of the Valley of the Kings)

    Valley of the Kings, also known as the “Valley of Biban Kings”, is a valley in Egypt that was used over the course of 500 years during the period between

  • West Bank, Hatshepsut Temple

    Hatshepsut Temple or Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is a temple from the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, and the best remains of the temples built about 3500 years ago in Deir

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